Preheat slab furnace

Project information

Project name Preheat slab furnace

Client Mobarakeh Steel Company

Contract type EP

Launching year 1999

Location Mobarakeh Steel Complex

About the project

Goals Implementation of two preheat slab furnaces, each of which have the capacity of 310 tons an hour in the hot rolling mill unit of the complex

Project details To increase the production capacity of the complex, new furnaces were installed next to the existing furnaces and started up without interruption in the production of the complex.

Furnace number 2 was started up in Mehr 1999 and subsequently, the complex production capacity enhanced from 2.4 million tons to 3.2 million tons a year.

In second phase of this project, the capacity of the hot rolling mill unit increased to 4.2 million tons a year by installation and start up of the preheat furnace number one along with making necessary changes on R3 shelf and coilers.

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