Mining and Metals Marine Terminal

Project information

Project name Mining and Metals Marine Terminal

Client National Iranian Steel Company

Contract type EM

Launching year 2001

Location 20 kilometers from Bandar Abbass west

About the project

Goals  Implementation of a Mining and Metals Terminal for facilitating the loading and unloading of steel products and the raw material required in steel industries

Project details         Bandar Abbas Marine Terminal for mines and metals is the largest terminal for sending and receiving bulk mineral materials in the middle east and the eighth largest in the world. This terminal’s jetty is 320 meters long and 38 meters wide which is made in the deep part of the sea with the distance of 1680 meters from the shore for berthing of the ships up to 100 thousand tons of capacity and is linked to the shore through a 13.8 meter access bridge.

For the ships to reach the jetty, a 200 meter wide and 6.5 meter long canal and a rotating pool have been dredged under the sea. This terminal’s equipments including ship & train loading and unloading equipments, shunting yard, material handling machines and the material transferring system weigh about 20 thousand tons and are provided by the German Krupp Company. This terminal is able to load and unload 8 million tons of bulk material per year by ship and 6 million tons by train.