ladle furnaces

Project information

Project name ladle furnaces

Client Mobarakeh Steel Company

Contract type EPC

Launching year 1998

Location Mobarakeh Steel Complex

About the project

Goals Increasing the capacity of meltshop to 600 thousand tons per year

Project details This workshop is able to deliver Clean & Slag- free ready for casting quality steel to the casting workshop as well as increasing the capacity of the melting shop products to 600 thousand tons a year by installing 4 ladle furnaces, changing the unloading mechanism of 8 arc furnaces to EBT and Argon gas blowing system.

The installation operation of 4 ladle furnaces and making changes on 8 arc furnaces were done simultaneously with producing the product of meltshop. Decreasing the melting time (tab to tab), saving energy and replacing the chemical energy with the electrical energy by blowing natural gas are the results of this project.