Khorasan Steel Direct Reduction 1st Module

Project information

Project name Khorasan Steel Direct Reduction 1st Module

Client International Metal Materials’ Production and Development (IMPADCO)

Contract type EPC

Launching year 2009

Location Neyshabur- Sbzevar kilometer 20, old road

About the project

Goals Establishing Midrex direct reduction unit with the capacity of 800 thousand tons of sponge iron per year

Project details Due to the demands of Khorasan Steel Complex and to increase the country’s steel production capacity, Khorasan direct reduction project in 20 kilometers from Neyshabur, has been established on top of Khorasan Steel Complex and includes one Midrex direct reduction unit, train unloading, iron oxide handling, sponge iron collecting system and cold briquette making. The plant’s capacity can be increased through Oxygen Injection. The basic and detailed engineering have been done based on the experiences of successful projects like Khuzestan Steel Zamzam, Mobarakeh Steel F module and the latest Midrex technologies.