Kashan cold roll

Project information

Project name Kashan cold roll

Cliet Fajr e Sepahan Galvanizing Industries Company

Contract type EM

Launching year 2006

Location Kashan- kilometer 14 of Kashan – Ardestan road

About the project

Goals Establishing a cold roll line with the capacity of 250 thousand tons per year for producing steel sheets with the thickness of 0.3-2 mm and maximum width of 1250 mm.

Project details Due to the growing local market specially for quality products and the proper supply of the input sheet for the existing galvanized sheet production line, Fajr e Sepahan Galvanizing Industries Company decided to establish a cold roll unit for producing 250 thousand tons cold sheet rolls per year in the location of the existing galvanizing plant. 100 thousand tons of the 250 thousand tons produced sheet is consumed in the existing galvanizing line and the other 150 thousand will go directly to the market after treatment and improvement of sheet quality surface.