Ghaenat Steel making project

Project information

Project name Ghaenat Steel making project

Client National Iranian Steel Company

Contract type EPC

Launching year Under construction

Location South Khorasan,40 kilometers North West of Ghaen province

About the project

Goals Producing billet in different levels amounting to 800 thousand tons per year

Project details National Iranian Steel Company has proceeded to establish a steel making unit and its facilities with the capacity of 800 thousand tons of billet per year in a contract with IRITEC- Irasco cooperation. This units’ main equipments are as follows:

– An electric arc furnace and a ladle furnace, each with the capacity of 140 tons.

– a six branch continuous casting station for producing 130×130 to 200×200 billets of 6 to 12 meters long, material transfer systems, water supply unit, electricity distribution, oxygen production and distribution, dedusting systems and central repair shop and lab

– The local portion Equipments weigh about 9300 tons and the foreign portion equipments weigh 3300 tons. The steel structure weighs 7000 tons.

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