Bangestan gas gathering (AMAK)

Project information

Project name Bangestan gas gathering (AMAK)

Client National Iranian Oil Company ( MATN)

Contract type EPC, Finance, Buy Back

Launching year 2006

Location Ahwaz

About the project

Goals Preventing the burning and wasting of 242 million f3 a day of Bangestan sour gas layer which has continued since the beginning of oil extraction in the region.

Project details

– Distribution of the execution Area 60000 km2

– pipelines 280 km

– Power transmission lines 95 km airline

– Power post enhancement and expansion 3 posts

– Sour gas pressure boosting 7 stations

– Gas and sour gas liquid sweetening unit 1 plant

– Acid gas pressure boosting 1 station

– Number of compressors 83 with total power of 42000 horsepower

– Industrial buildings infrastructure 23950 m2

– Equipment approximate weight 45000 tons

– Concreting volume 75000 m3

– Earth work volume 363000 m3

– Steel structure tonnage 5740 tons

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