The  Iran  International Engineering Company ( IRITEC) was eslabishedal in 1975. then, being financed from Development Budgets of the Plan&Budget Organization in order to fill the gap of the engineering company in the field of consultancy and implementtion of industrial projects. Since then , with 4 decades of experience and benefitting from skill and knowledge of specialists is one of the most successful ( General Contractors) in the Country’s industry . this company performs all the services of projects on”EPC” basis comprising of financing , feasibilty  studies, technical & economical studies, planning and control and management of project engineering design services, procurement of equipment, technical Inspections,installation of Equipment, execution management,high and workshop supervision,commissioning and guranteeing the completion of industrial projects with comprehensive scope of work .

With rapid trend of industrialization of the country the presence of capable companies within the country became ” a must ” and this company with invaluable experience gained during so many years to act as a ” General Contractor ” for implementation of development & industrial projects in different fields of industry in Iran .

Furthermore, IRITEC through investment and establishment of affiliated ( foreign and Iranian companies)with high capabilities and support for catering  the finance of the projects, has strated rendering  engineering and procurement services for execution of industrial projects inside or outside of the country and export of technical and engineering services.

Possessing International Certificates such as ISO10668 ,10004,10002,…. and occuppying in the list of 100 preferable companies of Iran and achieving the Certificate as being No.1 grade from  Deputy President Of Strategic Planning and Control IRITEC has the possibility to render best quality services to his applicants .

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  • – Execution of different projects under various geographical conditions.
  • – Establishing good connection with a broad spectrum of owners of know-how, contractors and foreign contractors and manufacturers.
  • – Receipt and localizing the technical Know-how of steel industry.
  • – Supply of finance for execution of the projects.

Metallurgical Industries

  • Possessing License for Sponge iron units as per Midrex method from Kobe Steel Company of Japan.
  • Management,engineering and supply of steel-making plants and participation in oil , gas and petrochenical industries.
  • Possessing know-how for engineering, procurement of equipment and establishing units for collecting gases associated with crude oil and sweetening of the same.

Mine and Mine Industries

  • Management,engineering and procurement of equipment and establishing units for manufacturing of Iron ore concentracte and copper.
  • Management,procurement of equipment and establishing coal washing units.
  • Equipping the coal mines and extraction of coal from underground mines through  machanized methods

Oil,Gas and Petrochemical Industries

  • Possessing Management knowledge, engineering expertise and supply of equipment and gathering plants for collecting associatel gases from crudeoil and sweetening the
  • same.
  • – Management, engineering and procurment of equipment and procurement of equipment and construction of 15 salt content.
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