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Message From Head Manager

Iran International Engineering Company iritec as  a systematic company which does his works , and services according to  a well established system and plan is a thorough,efficient and determined company mainly  specialized in the field of steel, metallurgi, mine , oil & gas and petrochemical and being leader in establishing and commissioning  of  industrial plants is hounored with half of a century experience as the first fore-runner in engineering  consultancy  in the field of metals and  continuously is one of the flag holders of the country in the fields of engineering, procurement and supply of equipment, erection, commissioning and also training of Iranian personnel.

The great family of iritec inside or outside the country by reliance on capability and its human resources for achieving to a position of an active and flexible  international company recognizes his duty to serve the country parallel with the growth and progress of country’s industry and for achieving his goals commits it self to consider the fundemental and professional values of the industry . It goes, without saying that the direction ( route) is difficult to follow and the growth and  betterhood without elevation of competencies and whole heartedly  participation of all  employers shall not be feasible.

Iti is my sincere hope in the future with the change of our attitudes and enhancing our moral values we can achieve the organizational main goals of iritec.

Farokh Aalipour


Asan industrial company we have  every efforts in taking advantage of any and all effort  possiblelities, experienced man power and experts and a plying the World’s today standards and to be the first and best of all .

Oil,Gas and Petrochemical Industries

– Possessing Management knowledge, engineering expertise and supply of equipment and gathering plants for collecting associatel gases from crudeoil and sweetening the
– Management, engineering and procurment of equipment and procurement of equipment and construction of 15 salt content.

Metallurgical Industries

Possessing license for manufacturing  sponge iron in manufacturing units  by applying  Midrex Method from Kobe Steel,Japan .
Management,engineering & supply of Steel Making and Moulding units.

Mine and Mine Industries

Management, engineeing , procurement of equipment and putting up concentrate iron and coal plant, management, supply of equipment and establishing coal washing units, equipping coal mines and extraction of coal from underground mines through mechanized methods

Our Projects

Scope of activity of IRITEC Company in the country
114Completed projects
12Ongoing projects

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As an Industrial company we have made every effort to employ aur capabilities in absorbring experienced